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The expected vacation destination is no longer Costa Rica- people are now heading instead to Nicaragua. From the beaches, to the historic sites, from the rain forests to the city nightlife, Nicaragua has everything a traveler hopes to enjoy on their Central American vacation getaway. 

  Best Tourism Beaches in Nicaragua

There has always been a misconception among outsiders that Nicaragua is an unsafe country.  However, it is the safest country in Central America.  People are beginning to open their eyes to what Nicaragua has to offer and, as a result, tourism in Nicaragua has been increasing over the last 10 years. One of the many reasons tourists head to Nicaragua, and return time after time, are the Nicaraguan people who are about as friendly as they come. 

As a result of the increase in tourism in the country as well as the realization of the beauty and potential in the country, some people have begun looking to invest in Nicaragua. Then there are those who come down looking to make a different kind of investment, working with churches, hospitals, orphanages and missions around the country.  Nicaragua has options and opportunities for everyone.

Best of Nicaragua TourismNicaragua has beautiful beaches along the coast and is beginning to get resorts worthy of this beauty.  Here people can enjoy the beach the way it was meant to be.  The air is warm, the sun is shining and the water is never cold.  There are all-inclusive resorts along the coast. There are also resorts with building developments where you can purchase a beach condo or home.  Tourists and native beach-goers alike also have the option to rent one for a week. For surfers Nicaragua may be the less crowded option with line-ups in the water up and down the Pacific coastline. Surfers from around the world now head down to Nicaragua to experience the incredible waves and world-class beaches.

Best of Nicaragua GranadaOne of the single biggest tourist attractions in the country is the colonial city of Granada.  It was founded in 1524 making it one of the oldest cities in the Western hemisphere.  Many of its buildings and churches have been around for hundreds of years.  The fact it is on the edge of Lake Nicaragua and at the foot of the Mombacho volcano makes it a perfect tourist destination.  In town most of the action is taking place around the central park.  There is the picturesque cathedral one side surrounded by the colonial buildings around it that are now restaurants, hotels and homes.

Just outside of Granada on the lake are the small islands formed by the volcanic eruption centuries ago, now called Las Isletas. You can take a boat tour of the islands where people have their vacation homes or, in some cases, where locals have lived for their entire lives.  From the boat tour there is a great view of the volcano that formed the 365 islands.  The volcano is just a short drive away from Granada.  You can take a tour truck ride from the base of volcano to the top where there is a natural rainforest.  You can walk around the crater and, once you get to the other side, there is an open view of Granada, the lake and the islands.  It is a spectacular view, well worth the trip to the top!

There are many more tourist attractions including Corn Island, Rio San Juan, Selva Negra, Ziplines, Ometepe, among others. 

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