San Juan del Sur Best Beachfront Restaurants

Much of the San Juan del Sur beachfront is lined with restaurants and bars.  Many of these restaurants are situated on open decks with thatch roofs.  Being a beach town you can find some great fresh seafood dishes all around town.

Best of Nicaragua SJDS Restaurants

Many of these restaurants have very affordable prices.  Much lower prices than having a meal at one of the beach resorts in the area.  Here are some of the popular beachfront restaurants:

1)      Josseline’s
2)      El Timon
3)      El Buen Gusto

These three places are among the most popular local restaurants.  They have been open and serving visitors for years.  You can get some fresh seafood prepared to your liking.  They also serve chicken or beef if you are getting tired of having seafood.  Most of the dishes come with a small salad, a side of rice and one other side.  Guests can enjoy and ice cold beer or soda with their meal.  It is a great place to enjoy a nice meal as you watch the sunset in the horizon off the San Juan del Sur harbor.  Expect to hear music in the background, probably a lot of Bob Marley which is appropriate for the setting.
Just head to the waterfront and it is hard to miss.  If you can’t find them just ask around and all the locals know these restaurants.

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  1. dale dagger says:

    Josseline’s was there when I arrived in 1993. It was a funky place where the drunks hung out. But they slowly started fixing the place up. They first offered lunches right on the beach. I remember eating right on the sand in front when the tide washed right up to our table.
    Josseline’s is the most improved of all the beachfront restaurants.
    It pretty much guarantied the fish you eat slept in the Mar the night before

  2. Sandra says:

    The best sopa the mariscos is at Restaurante El Buen Gusto, our family went down for the Christmas holidays 2010, my son said the seafood is so fresh and tasty he don’t think he will have HIghliner seafood again, they just cant wait to go back to Nicaragua and San Juan del sur and of course to El Buen Gusto.

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