Nicaragua Safety Precautions

Anyone traveling to the beautiful country of Nicaragua should do a little research on what they should be prepared to encounter during the trip.  This will make the trip more enjoyable with fewer problems.


United States Embassy in Nicaragua

Before the trip even begins travelers should first make sure they have a valid passport that is not expired.  If the passport is expired or close to expiring the airlines may not even let you get on the plane.  Another precaution that can be taken is to sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).  This is a program through the US embassy that is designed to keep US citizens safe while in Nicaragua.  Those going to Nicaragua will inform the US embassy in Managua of there trip.  By letting the embassy know where they will be traveling and where they will be staying in Nicaragua can help the embassy get in contact with them if there is an emergency.  Lastly, travelers should have cash to take on their trip.  Traveler’s checks are basically useless and debit/credit cards cannot be used everywhere.  However, there may be ATM machines in some cities to pull out money using your debit card.  Remember there will be fees for pulling out money using a US debit card.

Once entering Nicaragua expect to pay $5 to $10 for a tourist visa during the immigration process.  Only cash is accepted which is why it is important to have enough cash during the trip.  Because of the cash on hand travelers need to be careful where they keep it.  Try to keep it safely hidden away.  Travelers are advised to pull out just what they need when they are going to pay for something.  This is especially true when they are in the artisan market where there are large crowds of people.  Keep the money out of site; this will keep travelers from being a target for theft.  It is also best to not leave money in the hotel room when you are away.  Remember travelers are not aware the hotel staff that has access to the room while they are away for the day.

Nicaragua Magazine Safety in NicaraguaIn the artisan markets try to stay with your group.  Traveling in larger groups can help you avoid being a target of theft.  Valuables like watches, wallets and jewelry should be kept in your front pocket to avoid theft.  These precautions can also be taken when traveling on buses around the city.  Before leaving the hotel for the day, people should consult with locals who know about where they are going.  This is a way of finding out how safe it is where they are going.

As long as visitors take reasonable precaution, there should not be any problems during their stay in Nicaragua.  Remember Nicaragua is still the safest country in Central America and one of the safest in all of Latin America.

In case you have an emergency or a problem contact the US embassy.  There contact info is:

U.S. Embassy

Location:  Kilometerr 5 1/2 (5.5) Carretera Sur, in Mangua, Nicaragua

Embassy Telephone: +(505) 2252-7100
Consular Section phone: +(505) 2252-7888
Consular fax: +(505) 2252-7250
Consular E-mail:

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