Most Beautiful Beaches in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has an endless amount of beautiful beaches.  We tried to pick a few of the most beautiful beaches for this list.  We did not choose any beaches that were closed to the public.  Instead we chose beaches that are accessible to any visitors that may want to check out these beaches.

Most Beautiful Beaches in Nicaragua

Most Beautiful Beaches

1) Majagual Beach
2) Marsella Beach
3) El Coco Beach

Majagual Beach is just a 30 minute drive north of San Juan del Sur.  This area has started to get more and more built up with home being built along the beach and on the nearby hillsides.  Majagual offers some of the most spectacular sunsets you will ever see.   At sunset the horizon looks like a rainbow of red, orange and pink tones.  The sunset isn’t the only beauty Majagual has to offer.  The beautiful white sand beach along with the dense wildlife that extends to the sand is a thing of beauty.  Visitors to Majagual can enjoy fun walks along the beach or venture into the nearby wildlife.

Most Beautiful Beaches in Nicaragua

Marsella Beach is just a 20 minute drive north of San Juan del Sur.  Located inside a small cove protected by a hillside on either side, Marsella offers some unique beauty.  The Marsella bay is a tranquil beach ideal for swimming.  A few hundred yards offshore is an island in the shape of a submarine.  Visitors to this beach can enjoy a nice walk along the beach from one end to the other collecting little treasures along the way.  Marsella also boasts some beautiful sunsets and the best place to view them is from the hillside where there is a great view of the entire ocean.

Most Beautiful Beaches in Nicaragua

El Coco Beach is an hour drive south of San Juan del Sur near the border with Costa Rica.  El Coco Beach is a long open beach with lush wildlife that borders the sand.  Because it is one of the farthest beaches from San Juan del Sur, development has been slow to get going.  There are homes being built but visitors can enjoy a relaxing time on the beach without having to deal with crowds.  In addition to the open coastline and lush wildlife guests can be treated to turtles that come up on the beach to lay their eggs.

Most Beautiful Beaches in Nicaragua

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