Cost of Renting a Car (Vehicle) in Nicaragua

Renting a vehicle in Nicaragua is just like anywhere else in the world these days.  You can do it online ahead of time ready to pick up when you got off the airplane in Managua.  One thing to note is that car rentals are usually more expensive when you do it from the airport.  Renting from the airport can usually cost at least $10 more per day.  The good news is that the airport is not the only place to rent a car.  Car rental companies have offices in many of the larger hotels in town.

Cost of Renting a Vehicle in Nicaragua

Currently here are the daily and weekly rates for a small economy vehicle

Daily Rate (Economy Car)

Budget ($39)
Hertz ($34)
Dollar ($43)
Thrifty ($43)
Alamo ($45)
Avis ($48)
Lugo (NA)
Targa (NA)
Toyota (NA)

Weekly Rate (Economy Car)

Budget ($24 per day)
Hertz ($21)
Dollar ($30)
Thrifty ($30)
Alamo ($31)
Avis ($35)
Lugo (NA)
Targa (NA)
Toyota (NA)

Daily Rates for other vehicle types

Compact ($43)
Standard ($69)
Minivan ($82)
Intermediate ($54)
Full-size ($53)
Premium ($81)
SUV ($63)
Full-size SUV ($104)
Premium SUV ($128)
Truck ($69)
Van ($88)

Note that the weekly rate for other vehicle types would go down from the daily rate.  The last three companies are local and it is possible they may offer a lower rater than the others.  These rates may or may not include insurance.  It is always best to purchase the insurance in case anything unexpected were to happen to the vehicle.  They type of car one decides to rent is dependant on a few factors.  Number of people traveling in the group, budget, and the areas you will be traveling in Nicaragua.  If you are traveling to rural areas off the paved road it is probably best to rent a all 4WD drive vehicle.  This is the case even more so during the raining season when many of the dirt roads can get very muddy.   You do not want to get stuck in the mud in the middle of nowhere.  The only way you are getting out is to hope that someone with a big truck drives by or you may have to hire someone nearby with an ox cart to pull you out.

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  1. robert lankford says:

    There are some ¨funny¨ insurance regulations. Nicaraguan law requires 3rd Party Liability insurance be held by the owner of the vehicle. However, this is actually minimal insurance, but the car rental companies lead you to believe this is a legal requirement for the renter…this is not so. The car companies have agreed they will charge clients US$12.99 per day. This is roughly the same cost as the rental of an economy or compact car This would cover up to US$15K with 20% deductible.

    There is no legal requirement for a driver of a rental car to be insured for third party liability, and at the airport, the rental companies allow you to waive this charge, but you, the driver, are fully responsible for damages which you cause to other vehicles or persons.

    Depending on your credit card, if you accept the CDW offered by the rental company, your credit card company will be the secondary insurance, after you have exhausted the primary insurace deductible (20%) and benefits.

    The actual minimum third party liability legal coverage requirement for owners of vehicle are:
    US$2500 per one death, up to US$5000 per two deaths, and up to US$2500 for third party damages. Being that the only legal requirement, you may be sued for excess damages.

    As in the US, the insurance requirements are purposefully confusing, prey on the fear of their clients, and they make up a good part of the profit for rental car companies.

    This is not legal advise, but I believe these statements to be correct. I welcome feedback on any factual errors or misunderstanding on my part.

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