Odd Attractions in Nicaragua

Fun Things to do in Nicaragua

Everyone on vacation to Nicaragua has planned ahead their trip itinerary.  The itinerary usually includes Granada, San Juan del Sur, surfing, volcanoes, kayaking and more.  There are still some fun attractions that visitors can take in while they are in this beautiful country.  Here is a few of the odd attractions in Nicaragua. … [Read more...]

Skydive in Nicaragua

Skydive in Nicaragua 2012

Early next year Barceló Montelimar Resort will be hosting a skydiving event.  The event will take place from March 2nd through March 12th 2012 and all are welcome to sign up.  … [Read more...]

Best of Sailing in Nicaragua

Sail in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has so many beautiful lakes and rivers that it would be a shame to go to Nicaragua and not take advantage of exploring them.  … [Read more...]

Nicaragua Investment & Retirement Planning Trip

Downtown Managua Nicaragua

Are you looking at the possibility of spending your retirement years in Nicaragua?  Or maybe you are looking at purchasing property for investment or a vacation home in Nicaragua?    … [Read more...]

Best Nicaraguan Vacation – Custom Designed Tour

Nicaraguan Custom Designed Tour

 There are many Nicaraguan companies that offer many different tours of Nicaragua.  Most of them give you a few different options for length of tours that people can choose from.  That is great but what if you want to spend less time in museums and more time at the beach? … [Read more...]

Nicaragua Five Day Travel Guide

Nicaragua Five Day Travel Guide

We have come up with travel guide for Nicaragua in five days.  During these five days you will be able to see as much of Nicaragua as possible.   This tour will take you from lakes and beaches to the volcanoes and cloud forests.  There will never be a dull moment on this five day excursion.  Enjoy!!! … [Read more...]

Nicaragua Three Day Travel Guide

Zip Line Granada Nicaragua

Many times those coming to Nicaragua only have a few days to get to see all that it has to offer.  Here we have designed a travel guide for those who have three full days to do as much as possible.  … [Read more...]