Odd Attractions in Nicaragua

Fun Things to do in Nicaragua

Everyone on vacation to Nicaragua has planned ahead their trip itinerary.  The itinerary usually includes Granada, San Juan del Sur, surfing, volcanoes, kayaking and more.  There are still some fun attractions that visitors can take in while they are in this beautiful country.  Here is a few of the odd attractions in Nicaragua. … [Read more...]

Skydive in Nicaragua

Skydive in Nicaragua 2012

Early next year Barceló Montelimar Resort will be hosting a skydiving event.  The event will take place from March 2nd through March 12th 2012 and all are welcome to sign up.  … [Read more...]

Best of Granada – Mombacho Volcano

Best of Nicaragua Mombacho Volcano

Granada is located just at the foot of the Mombacho volcano.  Mombacho is the volcano that erupted hundreds of years ago forming 360 little islands on Lake Nicaragua.  Today Mombacho is a national park, home to a large cloud rainforest that is home to a diverse and magnificent wildlife. … [Read more...]

Best Beaches for Swimming in Nicaragua


The Nicaraguan coastline is filled with beautiful beaches.  These beaches vary anywhere from rocky beaches to wide open sand beaches to beaches with big waves.  … [Read more...]

Best Attractions in Granada Nicaragua

Granada Things To Do

Granada with all its history, charm and beauty is the destination of choice for inbound visitors to Nicaragua.  This colonial city has something to offer to everyone who comes through the city.  … [Read more...]

Most Popular Surf Breaks in Nicaragua

Most Popular Surf Breaks in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is blessed with consistent world class surfing up and down the Pacific coastline.  Nicaragua has a variety of different breaks, each one with their own specialties.  … [Read more...]

Most Beautiful Beaches in Nicaragua

Most Beautiful Beaches in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has an endless amount of beautiful beaches.  We tried to pick a few of the most beautiful beaches for this list.  We did not choose any beaches that were closed to the public.  Instead we chose beaches that are accessible to any visitors that may want to check out these beaches. … [Read more...]

Best Volcano Hikes in Nicaragua

Best Hiking in Nicaragua

Many visitors to Nicaragua wonder which is the best volcano to hike.  There are many to choose from and they are all different.  One volcano offers the beauty of a rain forest that covers the entire volcano.  Another offers an unparalleled view from the middle of Lake Nicaragua.  The third volcano  offers the mystique and name every Nicaraguan is familiar with.  Here is our top 3 in no particular order because they are all great and offer something different. … [Read more...]

Best Nicaraguan Turtle Beach – La Flor

Best Beaches in Nicaragua La Flor

The La Flor Wildlife Reserve is one of the most unique beaches in Nicaragua.  It is located south of San Juan del Sur where much of the beach development is happening along the coastline. … [Read more...]

Best of Ometepe Kayaking

Best of Ometepe Kayaking

Some of the best kayaking in Nicaragua is found on the island of Ometepe.  Many of the hotels along the beaches of Ometepe offer kayak rentals to guests.  Guests are then free to go about patrolling the island. … [Read more...]