San Cristóbal Volcano

Nicaragua's Best Volcano Hikes

San Cristóbal Volcano in Chinandega is Nicaragua’s highest active volcano, last small eruption was in 2008.  This beautiful cone-shaped volcano is 5,725 feet high (1,745 meters) and has five other volcanoes around it.   … [Read more...]

Cosiguina Volcano Chinandega Nicaragua


Cosiguina Volcano is located at the very north of the Pacific coastline of Nicaragua. Cosiguina’s biggest eruption was on January 20, 1835 with ashes from the eruption reaching as far as Mexico and Jamaica. … [Read more...]

Volcano Surfing in Nicaragua

Best Volcano Surfing in Nicaragua

An attraction gaining popularity in Nicaragua for visitors is volcano surfing down the Cerro Negro Volcano.  This volcano is located near León and a great option for thrill seekers.  … [Read more...]

Best Restaurants in León Nicaragua

Best Restaurants in Leon Nicaragua

León, Nicaragua is one of the most important cities in Nicaragua with a lot of foreign visitors traveling through the city.  Visitors to the city are often looking for good restaurants to try while they are in town.  We have developed a list of some of the top dining options in León.  … [Read more...]

Best Beaches in León Nicaragua – Poneloya & Las Peñitas

Best Beaches in Nicaragua Poneloya

León has the advantage of being just 20 km (12 miles) from the coast.  The nearest beaches are Poneloya and Las Peñitas.  These two beaches are among the most popular beach destinations for local Nicaraguans especially around the holidays of Easter and Christmas. … [Read more...]

Best León Hotels

Best Hotels in Leon

León just like Granada is one of the oldest cities on the continent but does not get the same attention probably because it is not situated next to Lake Nicaragua and right at the foot of a volcano.  León is definitely a great place to spend some time during your Nicaragua vacation.  You can learn a lot about the history of the city and Nicaragua as whole from León.  León does not have the amount of quality hotels that Granada boasts but there are some great places to stay.  Here are couple: … [Read more...]

The Best of León – Museums

Nicaragua Magazine Best of Leon Nicaragua

León with all its history and tradition has some great little museums and sites for visitors.    These museums can give visitors more insight into the city and the region as a whole.  The museums, historical sites give visitors more perspective on their surroundings.  Most of these museums are not very large.  … [Read more...]

Best of Nicaraguan Writing – Rubén Darío

Best of Nicaraguan Writing Ruben Dario

Rubén Darío is by far Nicaragua’s most famous and influential writer.  He was born on April 26, 1866 and Darío and by the age of three he learned how to read.  His childhood was spent in the city of León where he was raised by his mother’s aunt and uncle.  At an early age his gift with words was evident.  His poetry was unique and unparalleled to anyone close to him.   … [Read more...]

The Best of León, Nicaragua

Leon Central Park Cathedral Nicaragua Magazine Online

León, along with Granada is also one of the oldest cities in Nicaragua and all of America.  It was founded in 1524 by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba. In 1610 they moved to a new location because of the possibility of a volcanic eruption from the Momotombo volcano. … [Read more...]