Best Surfing in Nicaragua – Playa El Yankee

Best Surfing in Nicaragua

This is a beach break located south of San Juan del Sur about a 30 to 40 minute drive.  Once you get to the beach it is a five minute walk down the sand where the waves break best.  This can be a fun wave for all levels of surfers.  At its best it is a large wave that works best going left with a steep wall on the wave. … [Read more...]

Best Nicaragua Surfing – Punta Miramar

Best Nicaragua Surf Breaks

The Miramar surf break that goes in either direction but usually holds up on the left side that favors the point break.   When the swell is right surfers can get long rides with several spots to go in and out of barrels.   … [Read more...]

Best Beach Breaks in Nicaragua – Asuchillo

Best of Nicaragua Surfing

The Asuchillo beach break is a great place for all surf levels.  Beginners can get started on surfing and experts can enjoy getting barrels in either direction when the waves are really going.  There enough waves where surfers do not need to be fighting for waves in the line up.  … [Read more...]

Best Nicaragua Surfing – Maderas

Surf Maderas Nicaragua

Maderas beach is by far the most popular beach in Nicaragua due to its close proximity to San Juan del Sur (about 15 minutes north of SJDS).  This is the one place in Nicaragua where there can be a large crowd in the water.   … [Read more...]

Surf Puerto Sandino – Longest Ride in Nicaragua

Nicaragua Surf Puerto Sandino

Puerto Sandino is on the northern central coast line a couple hours outside of Managua or a short drive from León.  The exact spot for this wave it is best to use a boat to access because it is a little further out and it has one of the longest lefts you will ride forever.  … [Read more...]

Best Spots To Get Barreled in Nicaragua – Surf San Diego Nicaragua

San Diego Nicaragua Surfing

Located an hour drive from Managua is San Diego, one of Nicaragua’s premier surf spots.  The left break has a rocky bottom which helps create steep, beautiful tube rides but can be painful if you fall off at the wrong place.  … [Read more...]

Best Nicaragua Surf Breaks – Quisala


Quisala (sometimes spelled Quizala) is a beach break surf spot located an hour from Managua.  It can be a great spot for beginners to intermediate surfers.  Because it is a beach break conditions can vary so it is best to keep an eye on the swell.   … [Read more...]

Best of Nicaragua Surfing – What to Bring

Nicaragua Magazine Best of Surfing

For those planning surf vacation to Nicaragua they should come prepared with everything they will need for the trip.  For those who have been on surf trips before these may be no brainers but here are some of the surf essentials. … [Read more...]

Best Surfing Nicaragua – Aposentillo

Best Surfing Nicaragua Aposentillo

Last on our list of best surf breaks in Nicaragua is Aposentillo.  It is the furthest away from Managua but they do have the least amount of crowds in the lineup.  It is probably the least surfed of the top 5 list.  There are waves for all skill levels.  A good starting point is from the Punta Aposentillo hotel.  From there you can find surf breaks really close by including The Boom, a really hollow, consistent wave.  It is located a ten minute walk from the hotel. *Comment below and let us know what you think of the magazine and what you would like to see added. … [Read more...]

Surfing Colorado at Iguana Golf and Beach Resort

Best Surfing Nicaragua Colorado

Located inside the Iguana Golf and Beach Resort is Colorado beach break.  If you do not own property or renting property, the only way to access these waves is by boat.  If you are looking to get barreled on your surf trip to Nicaragua then you must do whatever it takes to get to surf Colorado.  Barrels go left and right.  You have the option of taking off in the direction you feel most comfortable.  If you do have the extra cash, it may be beneficial for you to rent a place to stay there.  You will then have waves right outside your doorstep and still be able to surf the other breaks in the area. *Comment below and let us know what you think of the magazine and what you would like to see added. … [Read more...]