Best Surf Camps in Nicaragua

Best Surf Camps in Nicaragua

Now that it is on the surf map of premier destinations, Nicaragua boasts many great surf camps, beyond San Juan del Sur past the Tola coastline all the way to the Gulf of Fonseca.  All these surf camps cater to all kinds of surf travelers. … [Read more...]

Nicaragua Surf Beaches for Different Skill Levels

Best Nicaragua Surfing

Nicaragua’s beaches offer surf breaks for all different skill levels of surfing.  From beginners to experts, they will all find a surf break that suits their skills. … [Read more...]

Best Women’s Surf Camp in Nicaragua

Women's Surf Camps in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has many surf camps along the coast but only a few surf camps like Suave Dulce are geared towards women.  Suave Dulce is run by former professional surfer Holly Beck.  Beck visited Nicaragua a few years ago and fell in love with the country quickly moving down to open up her venture Suave Dulce Women’s Surf & Yoga Retreat. … [Read more...]

Best Surfing Nicaragua – Aposentillo

Best Surfing Nicaragua Aposentillo

Last on our list of best surf breaks in Nicaragua is Aposentillo.  It is the furthest away from Managua but they do have the least amount of crowds in the lineup.  It is probably the least surfed of the top 5 list.  There are waves for all skill levels.  A good starting point is from the Punta Aposentillo hotel.  From there you can find surf breaks really close by including The Boom, a really hollow, consistent wave.  It is located a ten minute walk from the hotel. *Comment below and let us know what you think of the magazine and what you would like to see added. … [Read more...]