Nicaragua Home for Sale $220k

Home For Sale in Nicaragua

Here is a great home for sale just outside of Managua on the South Highway Km 13.5.  The home has 5 spacious bedrooms plus 3 bathrooms in the main part of the house … [Read more...]

What to know before buying property in Nicaragua?

Nicaragua What To Know Before Buying Property

Before buying property in Nicaragua you should do your do diligence to make sure you are taking the proper steps.  Here is a few things to know before buying property in Nicaragua. … [Read more...]

Why Buy Real Estate in Nicaragua

Homes for sale in Nicaragua Real Estate

Nicaragua real estate is just what everyone is looking for.   San Juan del Sur beachfront properties for sale in as well as Granada real estate.  Vacation homes and retirement homes are available.  … [Read more...]

Nicaragua Real Estate – Gran Pacific Slashes Property Prices

Gran Pacifica Real Estate

Nicaragua just like the United States has felt the effects of the real estate market crash over the last few years.  Gran Pacifica Beach & Golf Resort has cut property prices by 50 percent.  This special discount will only be available  for a few weeks before the promotion ends.  … [Read more...]

Nicaragua’s Pellas Development Group Real Estate Investments

Best of Nicaragua Beach Developments

The Pellas Development Group based out of Nicaragua was founded in 2005 with the focus of developing real estate investments.  This investment group is headed by Carlos Pellas,Nicaragua’s top business. … [Read more...]

Retire on the Beach in Nicaragua

Retire in Nicaragua on the Beach

Nicaragua has quickly become what Costa Rica was 20 years ago.  It is now the place where baby boomers are looking to retire.  Nicaragua has an advantage over other places from weather, location, taxes, expenses and much more. … [Read more...]

Best Places to Live in Managua

Managua Nicaragua's Best Places to Live

Today Managua is returning to the vibrant city it once was.  It is the center of entertainment for the country, with many great restaurants and attractions from which to choose.  Many of the best places to live in Managua are within 10 minutes from the center of town. … [Read more...]