Importing a Vehicle Into Nicaragua


Importing a car into Nicaragua is just like everything else in the country, kind of complicated.  Ask ten different people what the laws and restrictions are and you will get eleven different responses.  We have tried to investigate this to figure out what is true and what is not. … [Read more...]

Nicaragua Best Time To Travel

Best Time to Travel to Nicaragua

Many people thinking about making a trip to Nicaragua often ask what is the best time of year to go?  That is an easy question to answer but first we must know more about what brings you to Nicaragua. . … [Read more...]

Nicaragua’s Cell Phone Service

Nicaragua-Magazine Cell Service Providers

Many wonder what Nicaragua has to offer in cellular phone service options.  For those traveling from the US to Nicaragua, they may have trouble using their cell phones in Nicaragua regardless of the international plans they may have.  Phone companies in the US like AT&T offer international rates but they usually charge enormous rates for usage and there is no guarantee there will be service from the AT&T roaming plan.  Someone traveling to Nicaragua is better off getting a prepaid phone through one of the service providers in Nicaragua. … [Read more...]

Nicaragua Safety Precautions

United States Embassy in Nicaragua

Anyone traveling to the beautiful country of Nicaragua should do a little research on what they should be prepared to encounter during the trip.  This will make the trip more enjoyable with fewer problems. … [Read more...]

Frequently Ask Questions About Travel in Nicaragua

Frequently Asked Questions on Nicaragua

Traveling to Nicaragua.  Answers to your questions about your trip to Nicaragua.  What is the weather in Nicaragua?  Is the country safe?  What do in case of an emergency?  Is there an entrance fee into Nicaragua? and many more questions … [Read more...]