Solentiname Los Guatuzos Wildlife Refuge

Best of Solentiname Nicaragua

The Archipelago of Solentiname on the southern end of Lake Nicaragua is a true gem.  Los Guatuzos Wildlife Refuge on Solentiname has beauty, history and more that makes it an attractive tourist destination in Nicaragua. … [Read more...]

Nicaragua – Costa Rica Relations Worsening

Costa Rican Border Highway

The last couple of years a contentious relationship between Nicaragua and Costa Rica has only worsened.  It started in late 2010 with Nicaragua’s “invasion” into Costa Rica based on the Google Maps fiasco.  … [Read more...]

Best Eco-Lodges in Nicaragua – Rio Indio Eco-Lodge

Best Eco-Lodges in Nicaragua

The Rio Indio Eco-Lodge is truly a unique experience unlike any other in Nicaragua.  Rio Indio Lodge is located in the Rio Maíz National Park on the Caribbean side of Nicaragua near the Rio San Juan.  … [Read more...]

Best Hotels Rio San Juan Nicaragua

Best Hotels Rio San Juan Nicaragua

Rio San Juan is a bit off the map for the usual Nicaraguan tourist destinations but definitely worth the adventure.  Mark Twain once traveled down river in 1866 and marveled at its beauty.  Even though it is in the middle of the rain forest jungle there are some great places to stay.  … [Read more...]

Best of Rio San Juan Nicaragua

Best of Nicaragua Rio San Juan

Rio San Juan (San Juan River) is one of the great off the map destinations in Nicaragua. The river the flows from Lake Nicaragua to the caribbean coastline is a 45 minute flight from Managua or a 14 hour ferry ride from Granada, the Rio San Juan is located in the middle of a beautiful Nicaraguan rain forest jungle.   … [Read more...]

Rio San Juan, Nicaragua

Rio San Juan Rain Forest off Lake Nicaragua

Rio San Juan (San Juan River) is located at the southern end of Lake Nicaragua and connects the lake with the Caribbean.  It is in the middle of a rain forest with so many species of animals and plants.  … [Read more...]