Best Hiking in Nicaragua – Concepción Volcano Ometepe

Best Hiking in NIcaragua

Concepción is the larger of the two volcanoes on the picturesque island of Ometepe.  As you approach Ometepe on the ferry the volcano appears to have the perfect shape of a cone.  Concepción rises over 4800 feet above sea level making it a perfect place to go for a long hike.  This beautiful volcano is one of the top attractions for visitors to Ometepe. … [Read more...]

Best of Ometepe Kayaking

Best of Ometepe Kayaking

Some of the best kayaking in Nicaragua is found on the island of Ometepe.  Many of the hotels along the beaches of Ometepe offer kayak rentals to guests.  Guests are then free to go about patrolling the island. … [Read more...]

Best of Ometepe – Maderas Volcano

Volcano Maderas Waterfalls Nicaragua

If you find yourself on the island of Ometepe, a trip to the southern end of the island is a must. There you will find the Maderas volcano which is less populated than the rest of island.  The volcano has an altitude of 1,394 meters above sea level. … [Read more...]