Best of Masaya Volcano National Park

Best of Masaya Volcano National Park

The Masaya Volcano National Park is one of the most popular attractions in Nicaragua due its close proximity to Managua.  The Masaya Volcano is just 20 minutes from both Managua and the city of Masaya.  … [Read more...]

Best of Masaya Craft and Artisan Market

Best of Masaya Nicaragua Market

The Masaya Artisan Market is among the best in Nicaragua.  This artisan market is the best place for tourists to do some of their shopping for local artisan crafts.  … [Read more...]

Best of Masaya, Nicaragua – Laguna de Apoyo

Best of Nicaragua Apoyo Lagoon

The beautiful volcanic lagoon of Apoyo is nestled  between Masaya and Granada with the two departments’ boundary line going through it.  The lagoon is a thing of beauty and definitely worthy of those postcard pictures.   … [Read more...]

Best of Masaya, Nicaragua

Nicaragua Magazine Online Masaya Volcano

Masaya is the name of both a city and a department (state).  The department is next to the department of Managua.  The town of Masaya is the largest in the department and has a lot of smaller towns rich on history, tradition and folklore.  … [Read more...]