Best Places to Stay on Big Corn Island

Best Big Corn Island Hotels

Big Corn Island off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua is unlike any other in the country.  This island is mostly untouched by commercial tourism but there many great attractions and great hotels. … [Read more...]

Best of Big Corn Island Lodging

Places to Stay on Corn Island

Big Corn Island off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua offers a unique and beautiful experience.  Big Corn Island has some great places to stay for the adventurous travelers who come through.  One great place to stay is Los Escapados Hostel. … [Read more...]

Best of the Caribbean – Bluefields Nicaragua

Nicaragua Caribbean Bluefields Nicaragua

Bluefields is the largest town on the east coast of Nicaragua in the RAAS region with a population hovering around 90,000.  Bluefields can only be reached by an hour long plane ride from Managua or an all day trip that starts by land from Managua to Rama followed by a boat ride from Rama to Bluefields.  … [Read more...]

Best Hotels on Little Corn Island Nicaragua

Best Hotels Little Corn

Little Corn Island is more remote than Big Corn with no cars on the island.  The only way to reach Little Corn is by panga boat or by sea plane.  There is internet access on the island but it is not available everywhere which can be a good thing for guests looking to get away and unwind.    Here is a hotel directory for many of the hotels on the island. … [Read more...]

Best Hotels on Big Corn Island Nicaragua

Best Hotels Big Corn Island Nicaragua

Corn Island is a great place for people traveling around Nicaragua to be able to do some world class snorkeling.  The crystal clear blue waters make for ideal conditions and great photo ops.  Come to Corn Island and relax, unwind and enjoy some fun on the sand.  Here is a hotel directory with places to stay on the island. … [Read more...]

Scuba Diving in Nicaragua – Little Corn Island

Nicaragua Scuba Diving Corn Island

Have you ever wanted to go on a vacation where you know your boss cannot get in contact with you?  If your idea of an ideal vacation involves alternating between scuba diving, fishing, kayaking and reading a book while lying on a hammock in a tropical paradise without the distraction of technology, Little Corn Island is just what you are looking for. … [Read more...]

Best of the Caribbean – Corn Island

Caribbean Nicaragua Corn Island

Corn Island is one of Nicaragua’s little known treasures off the Caribbean coast.  Corn Island actually consists of two islands, Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island.  It is indeed a tropical paradise with its clear, baby blue water, white sand beaches and all the tropical fruit trees on the island.  … [Read more...]