Nicaragua Yoga Retreats – Aqua Wellness Resort

Nicaragua Yoga Retreat

Aqua Wellness Resort is one of the premier beach resorts on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast. Just a short drive from San Juan del Sur but nestled in the lush Nicaraguan wildlife making it seem as though you are hundreds of miles away. … [Read more...]

Best Hotels San Juan del Sur

Nicaragua Magazine Online SJDS bay

 The picturesque town of San Juan del Sur is the premier destination along the Nicaraguan coast.  If you are looking for a trip to some warm, clean, clear waters of the Pacific Ocean, look no further than San Juan del Sur.  … [Read more...]

Villas de Palermo Hotel & Resort

View of Hotel Palermo Nicaragua Magazine Online

Staying at the Villas de Palermo is an experience in itself.  Nestled on the side of the hill, it has the spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean along with a cool breeze in the evening, making it an ideal spot to spend your vacation. … [Read more...]

Hotel Mango Rosa

San Juan del Sur Best Hotels

The Mango Rosa hotel is an excellent choice to begin your Nicaraguan adventures on the Pacific Ocean.  The facilities are located minutes from San Juan del Sur inside the Nicaraguan coastal jungle making for a picturesque backdrop to where you will be staying. … [Read more...]

Morgan’s Rock Eco-Resort

Nicaragua SJDS Morgan's Rock

If you choose to stay at Morgan’s Rock you are definitely in for a treat.  Morgan’s Rock is located about 25 minutes north of San Juan del Sur (driving).  It is a one of a kind eco tourism experience.  The goal of Morgan’s Rock and its staff is to provide guests with peace, harmony and relaxation of both the body and mind.  There have a nice private sandy beach for guests to relax on.  … [Read more...]

Hotel La Posada Azul

San Juan del Sur Hotels

Looking for a great place to stay at in beautiful fishing town of San Juan del Sur?  La Posada Azul (also known as the Blue Inn) has everything you are looking for. … [Read more...]

Hotel Villa Isabella

Villa Isabella Nicaragua-Magazine-

The Villa Isabella hotel is a great place to say in San Juan del Sur.  It is located a few blocks away from the beach.  It has a homey and professional feel inside.  Their motto is for you to feel at home in the hotel.  … [Read more...]

Pelican Eyes Hotel & Resort

Nicaragua Magazine San Juan del Sur

Pelican Eyes continues to set the bar for hotels in San Juan del Sur.  It is located several blocks from the shore.  The hotel climbs up the side of the hill with different accommodation options.  … [Read more...]