Best Managua Coffee Shops – Mama Quilla

Best Coffee Shops in Managua Mama Quilla

Over the last few years the coffee shop craze has hit Nicaragua with coffee shops popping up in cities like Granada, León and, of course, Managua.  One of the truly great coffee shops is Mama Quilla.  … [Read more...]

La Cocina de Doña Haydee

Nicaragua Magazine Authenitic Nicaraguan Food

Have you been looking forward to trying authentic Nicaraguan food in a clean, comfortable and enjoyable environment?  La Cocina de Doña Haydee is the perfect place.  It is located in Managua, a block away of the main strip in town, the Masaya highway.  You will be able to try all the Nicaraguan food staples. … [Read more...]

Best Managua Food, Restaurants & Dining

Nicaragua Magazine Best Dining

Managua, Nicaragua has a wide range of food, restaurants, and dining available to anyone.  Whether you are looking for a good steak or a quiet restaurant with a view over looking the city, Managua has it.  … [Read more...]