Best Nicaragua Universities

Top Nicaragua Universities

Nicaragua has many great universities most of them being in Managua.  For those wishing to study abroad in a country like Nicaragua but do not know enough Spanish there are options.  Ave Maria University and Universidad Americana both offer courses in English. … [Read more...]

Best Schools in Managua Nicaragua

Best Schools in Managua Nicaragua

Nicaragua has many great schools that are US accredited providing a great educational option for families moving to Managua.  There are several bilingual schools that provide a quality education for children from preschool through high school.  … [Read more...]

Best Spanish Schools in Nicaragua

Best Spanish Schools in NIcaragua

Many visitors to Nicaragua want to take advantage and learn a new language while they are in Nicaragua.  Nicaragua offers a variety of different Spanish school situated in different parts of the country to help accommodate each traveler.  These schools offer a variety of different courses and time requirements to fit each one’s needs.  Here is a list of schools from all different parts of the country. … [Read more...]