Best Places to Live in Managua

Today Managua is returning to the vibrant city it once was.  It is the center of entertainment for the country, with many great restaurants and attractions from which to choose.  Many of the best places to live in Managua are within 10 minutes from the center of town.

Managua Nicaragua's Best Places to Live

Leading up to the earthquake in 1972, Managua was the most important and beautiful city in Central America.  The earthquake damage followed by the civil war in the 1980’s set the city back decades.  Many of the ruins of the earthquake remained in the city until the 1990’s.  You can learn more about Nicaraguan history over the last one hundred years here.

Most of these great neighborhoods are located just off of the Masaya highway.  The Masaya highway begins by the Metrocentro mall.  From Metrocentro mall up to the Galerias mall there is a large number of great restaurants from which to choose.  Further up the highway there is the high-rent district with the best neighborhoods in which to live.  Here is the list of best places to live in the area

Top 3:

1)      Las Colinas

2)      Santo Domingo

3)      Las Cumbres

In these neighborhoods there are homes with lots of great amenities including pools, beautiful yards and fully-equipped kitchens.  You should expect to pay, at the very least, $1500 per month in rent.  To purchase a home in these neighborhoods the price range can range from a couple hundred thousand dollars to over a million.  For those that cannot afford to rent or purchase a home in these neighborhoods there are still a lot of great places to live.

If you are looking to live a little outside of town you may want to consider living along the Carretera Sur (South Highway).  Along the south highway you can find a wide range of homes to rent or purchase.  One advantage of living in this area is that its elevation is higher than Managua and as result has a slightly cooler climate which can make a huge difference.  Depending on the condition of the home and what it offers you can find decent homes for under $1000 to rent.  There are a couple of high-rent neighborhoods in the area including Los Altos de Ticomo.  This neighborhood has the advantage of being a gated community.  This gives the residents the peace of knowing their homes are safe when they are away.

Lastly, there are also options for those looking for something smaller.  The Quinta Allison apartments on the Carretera Vieja a León (Old Highway to Leon) are a great alternative.  It is a lot more inexpensive than renting a home.  The advantage of these apartments is that is a gated complex with a  pool, a tennis court and a courtyard.  Rent is usually a few hundred dollars a month.  High speed internet is also an option if you need it.  This is a great option for those single people or couples moving down to Nicaragua.

For those interested in purchasing land consider working with Alvarado y Asociados (Alvarado & Associates).  One of their areas of expertise is in real estate law.  They can help guide you through the process of buying property in Nicaragua.  This will help ensure that all the paperwork and title is correct.  Their contact info is as follows:

Alvarado y Asociados

Address: Planes de Altamira III Etapa, Semáforos ENTEL Villa Fontana 2 C. Este y  2½ C. Norte, Managua, Nicaragua – P.O. Box 5983
Phone:  (505) 2278-7708/ 2277-2308/ 2277-2417

E-mail: –

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  1. Dolores Soriano says:

    Soy salvsdorena y tengo interes en alquilar 1 casa no muy cara de 4 cuartos, cerca de la universidad keiseruniversity, si me pudieran dar informacion le sgradeceria mucho, asi como los requisitos.gracias

  2. Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde says:

    Hi Michael good article, I link to this from one of my blog posts, so it is a subject near and dear to my heart. Yes, as Brian the other commenter says, Carretera Sur in the higher parts around km 10.5 (near the German Nicaraguan school specifically) is really nice and I think he’s right to say that it is more forested there than parts of Carretera a Masaya are.

    We are at km 10.5 of Carretera a Masaya and we think this is a good location as we are at 1,000 feet of elevation, have tremendous views of Ticuantepe and Masaya Volcano, but we are only about eight minutes to the Hospital Metropolitano and ten minutes to Galerias Santo Domingo. Specifically those two places are what I feel are the advantages of living off of Carretera a Masaya as Carretera Sur does not have the level of service of the Pellas’ hospital nor the high-end shopping at Galerias.

    Mike @ El Porton Verde

    • Stephen says:


      Enjoyed your comment. We will be moving to Managua and want to experience more of the tropical experience outside of the city while still living in Managua. Do you know of any websites or companies I can contact about leasing a home?


      • Ruben Jimenez says:

        Hello Stephen.

        You can contact Roger Lacayo @ rogerlacayo @ from Aurora Bienes Raices in Managua. If you let him know your interests he can surely help you find a suitable place.


        Ruben j.

  3. Brian says:

    I lived in various neighborhoods while in Nicaragua from 1997-2003

    (Ticomo, Belmonte, Carretera Sur Km 7, 8, 8.5, 10.5, Ticomo (not the same as the Altos de Ticomo), Carretera Vieja a Leon, Montoya, etc) and I can assure that if you live in Managua, it is better to live in areas where the elevation is high. The Top 3 may have the most beautiful and new houses closer to the “newly developed” commercial center of Managua but it lacks many trees and the climate is still pretty humid and hot compared to Carretera Sur where lush vegetation and cooler climate is abundant. Carretera Sur should definitely be up there as well.

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