Best of Sailing in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has so many beautiful lakes and rivers that it would be a shame to go to Nicaragua and not take advantage of exploring them. 

Sail in Nicaragua

The best starting point is definitely Granada with Lake Nicaragua and the Granada Islets right next door.  Visitors to Granada can choose to do some sailing out in the open seas of Lake Nicaragua or take a tranquil kayak ride through the islands.  You may even choose to do both!

Velago Nicaragua based out of Granada offers a variety of different ways to explore the water.  They are equipped with

  • kayaks
  • catamarans
  • jollyboats
  • oday (19 feet)

With their fleet they offer kayak tours through the islands, sailing lessons, boat rentals and sailing trips.  Sailing excursions range from a half hour to several days.  They even offer all inclusive trips to Rio San Juan where participants will be able to take part in kayak tours exploring the Amazonian style rain forest in Nicaragua.

For those concerned about their swimming skills, Velago Nicaragua is equipped with great life jackets that to keep you afloat should you fall in the water.  The life jackets are even designed to keep your head above water.  Sailing is a great activity for anyone in decent physical condition.  Many men, women and teenagers have come to explore Nicaragua’s waters and learned to sail.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity like this one!

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  1. Tim Maxton says:

    Can you recommend a place (or provide a list of places) that rents sailboats on Lake Nicaragua? I am considering a trip there in December of this year. I’m most interested in a simple single mast with a mainsail and jib.

    I am not interested in being taken out by someone else on a sailboat; I am interested in sailing it myself. I understand that I would likely have to demonstrate that I know how to handle one.

    Thank you,
    Tim Maxton

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