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The beautiful city of Granada is uniquely placed next to Lake Nicaragua.  Lake Nicaragua is the tenth largest lake in the world.  The lake and Granada are at the foot of one of Nicaragua’s most impressive volcanoes.  The Mombacho volcano erupted hundreds of years ago.  The top of the volcano blew off during the eruption and landed near the shore forming 360 little islands.  These volcanic rock islands have now evolved and have on them a lush wildlife. 

The islands are full of mango trees, coconut trees and beautiful greenery.  Today some of these little islands are still home to local families that have lived on these islands for hundreds of years.  Some of the other islands are vacation homes to families from Managua and Granada.

Littlle Islands off Granada Nicaragua

For travelers in the area a tour of Las Isletas is a must.  Travelers will a take ten minute drive down to the Asese port where there are a number of small tour boats available to give tours to visitors.  The cost of a tour is about $40 to $50 for a group.  A larger group can help cut the cost down if you are dividing up the cost evenly.  The boat tour will take you through the picturesque islands and provide an impressive view of the volcano.  From the boat you can see just how much of the volcano was blown up and off. 

The boat conductors know the islands inside and out.  It is important because in some areas there are large volcanic rocks just below the surface of the water.  These rocks could ruin the boat and the engine if they come in contact.  It is just another reason to have someone who knows their way around the islands running the boat.  Feel free to ask the boat conductor any questions you may have about the islands.  They tend to be shy at first but they are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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One of the highlights of the tour is a stop an island that has a fort that was used during the colonial days.  This fort was a lookout post for English pirates that would come and invade the city.  People can go up to the second floor where the pirates would shoot off cannons.  It is unfortunate that Granada’s heads of tourism have not done a better job of using this island as key tourist destination.  Instead it is a bit run down with over grown greenery.  Regardless, it is a fun and interesting little stop on the boat tour.

Do not miss an opportunity to see some of Nicaragua’s beauty first hand.  Nowhere else in the world can you find anything similar to Las Isletas.  360 little islands formed by a volcanic eruption next to one of the oldest cities in the western hemisphere.- this experience truly is priceless.

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