Best Nicaragua Beach Resorts – Hacienda Iguana Golf & Beach Club

Hacienda Iguana Golf & Beach Club is the premier residential golf and beach community in Nicaragua.  A two and half hour drive from Managua Hacienda Iguana is placed on some of the most beautiful and pristine coastlines in Nicaragua.  Being the first of its kind, Hacienda Iguana has had a head start over other residential beach building developments including Gran Pacifica.

Best Nicaragua Beach Resorts Hacienda Iguana

Hacienda Iguana is located along the beautiful Rivas coastline where many of the best surf spots are located.  The resort boasts two of the best surf spots, Colorado beach break and Panga Drops.  Colorado is among the best surf spots in Nicaragua for surfers to get consistent barrels.  Because it is a private community, those staying in the resort do not have to share the waves with outsiders.  This is another nice perk about staying at the Hacienda Iguana resort.  Unlike other countries even those in Central America, Nicaragua is blessed with great waves year round.  The resort is not just for surfers but also for those looking to get some golf in.  Their one-of-a-kind course opened in 2004 and has grown into a gorgeous course with hills and water hazards.  It is a beautiful course that does not diminish any of the surrounding tropical beauty, only enhances it.  Currently there are nine championship holes but eventually there will be 18 holes.

Hacienda Iguana has beach-front condominiums available as well as private homes built along the golf course.  Foreigners are eagerly looking to invest in this community as an ideal place to retire or keep a second home.  The condos have beautiful views of the coastline and the world-class waves one hundred yards out.  Guests can lounge in the pool as they watch the beautiful waves, which are directly in front.  If guests do not feel like cooking a meal there is a great restaurant on site where they can enjoy a great meal and drinks.

Best Nicaragua Beach Resorts Hacienda IguanaThe Hacienda Iguana does a great job of keeping their guests and residents entertained through a variety of different activities. Among the long list of activities to take part in include:

Scuba Diving
Horseback Riding
Cooking Lessons
Surf Lessons
Local Wildlife Tours

For those looking to possibly purchase property in the Hacienda Iguana Golf & Beach Club one option is to come down and rent a home or condominium for a week and get a feel for the resort.  They can then determine if it is a place where they could see themselves settling down in the future.

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  1. BigBenny says:

    Hacienda Iguana didn’t let me go the public beach for surfing because i did not have a reservation at their hotel. (ps: they are many hotels on the beach and only one access).

    The beach is 5 km long and the only access is their guarded gate!

    Don’t go there.

    Better going to playa gigante or popopyo!

  2. drew mesiano says:

    NICARAGUAN NIGHTMARE.! Staying here right now our room stinks of rotting food @$100 since they couldn’t fix our refrigerator. we asked for a cooler, ice, working refrigerator, NOTHING!! sent same repair guy who acted like he was doing something. when i looked coils were frozen up and defrost sensor/heater needed to be replaced. they tried to save $ by not repairing properly, at the expense of OUR food. Iguana complex loves this as now we have to eat at ridiculously expensive restaurant $10 for 2 small tacos and rice n beans. Now after looking on TripAdvisor this condo is full of scam rip off. we come back from surfing our door is wide open cleaning girl entered condo without permission! yet she wasn’t even in condo? we had 10 plates to start now have 7 that was the obvious, need to check rest against list which we have no copy of, where are they? they will say we broke them or stole them. amenities told were here however were not: free wifi (rent $18) golf clubs to use.(rentals at golf shop@$20)just to name a few.Service is an all time low for any where in the wold, they just DIDN’T CARE! According to one review of this place the security doubles as strong arm to get you to pay for stuff you didn’t take or break.
    Frank Owner nor Augusto has yet to return email….go figure. never again! first time I ever felt I needed to review or rather WARN the public of a “resort” thanks for ruining my friends and I vacation. As for the surf CROWDED and closed out, was 60+ people in 150 yard stretch of beach………

    • Karen Ross says:

      That’s too bad about your experience – mine was just the opposite. I stayed at one of their villas and loved it. The place was located right on the beach and surrounded by a jungle. I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything was. Hardly anyone was surfing when I was there. Their golf course wasn’t busy at all. I felt very safe and secure while I was in the resort. Wish I could live there.


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