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Managua, Nicaragua has a wide range of food, restaurants, and dining available to anyone.  Whether you are looking for a good steak or a quiet restaurant with a view over looking the city, Managua has it. 

Nicaragua Magazine Best Dining

There are many steakhouses to choose from but a must try is the Churrasco steak.  It is a thinly-sliced, grilled, top-of-the-line steak.  There are usually a few different sauces on the table- the chimichurri sauce is incredible and definitely something worth tasting.  It is a green sauce made with garlic, oil, and parsley.  It compliments the flavor of the steak.  Here are the top 5 steakhouses in Managua.

Top 5 steakhouses

1)      Los Ranchos

2)      Intermezzo del Bosque

3)      El Churrasco

4)      Porterhouse Steakhouse

5)      La Plancha

If you are looking for a more local atmosphere with authentic Nicaraguan food you may want to try La Cocina de Doña Haydee.  You can try a variety of local Nicaraguan food such as gallo pinto (beans and rice cooked together), fried cheese and plantains.  Another option is to try a quesillo.  It is a simple Nicaraguan dish (although it is hard to call it that since it is served in a small plastic bag!).  A quesillo is a warm tortilla wrapped around string cheese, spicy, pickled onions, sour cream and salt.  It may seem a bit odd but it is a local favorite! However, if you are on a diet, it is probably not the healthiest choice; then again, not too many authentic Nicaraguan meals would qualify as “diet food”!

If you are sick of eating beans and rice and are you are looking for something closer to home, you are in luck.  Managua has a variety of American restaurant chains.  There is TGI Fridays, Subway, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, among others.

There are also some hidden gem restaurants that not everybody will know about if you are asking around.  Here are my top 3:

Hidden Gems

1)      Mesón Sur

2)      Casa Mia

3)      Rincon Salvadoreño

Meson Sur specializes in oven-brick pizza.  As good as the pizza is, the locale is almost just as enjoyable.  It is on the outskirts of town overlooking the Nejapa lagoon.   Casa Mia is another small simple restaurant located just outside of town on the south highway.  They also specialize in pizza but with a thinner crispier crust.  Rincon Salvadoreño goes in a completely different direction.  It is located in town and specializes in pupusas, an authentic dish from El Salvador.  The best way to describe a pupusa is a small, fat tortilla that can be cooked with beans, cheese and/or chicharron (pork) inside.  The name “pupusa” may throw you off but it is really good- really!  It is served with a cabbage salad and red sauce.

You can find a variety of restaurants that specialize in foreign foods.  There is Japanese, Spanish, Argentinean, Italian, among others.  Here are a few of the more popular ones.

Foreign Restaurants

1)      Pan E Vino (Italian)

2)      La Marseilles (French)

3)      Sushi Itto (Japanese)

4)      Charlie’s Steakhouse (Argentinean)

5)      Pomodoro (Italian)

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