Best Beaches in Nicaragua

Experience the Best Beaches in Nicaragua! See beautiful San Juan del Sur beaches, bays, and coves up and down the Nicaraguan  coastline. Many provide world class waves and awesome surfing. Surfing, hotels, restaurants and more.

Best Beaches in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has so many different beaches, bays, and coves up and down the coastline.  Many of these beaches have world class waves.  Surfers have begun to come from all around world to experience these waves.  Even though there are many incoming surfers, the crowd in the lineup is nothing compared to Costa Rica, the US and most other countries.  There is a variety of waves for all skill levels, from beginners to expert. 

If surfing is not on your to-do-list there are many beach resorts to sit back and relax in the sun.  Montelimar is an all inclusive resort with several large pools including one that has an island bar in the center.  Here are some of the top beach resorts in the country.

Top Nicaragua Beach Resorts

1)      Hacienda Iguana Golf and Beach Resort

2)      Gran Pacifica

3)      Montelimar

4)     Pelican Eyes

5)      Rancho Santana

All five of these beach resorts offer different amenities and have different strengths & weaknesses.  Some may look for an all inclusive resort.  If that’s the case then Montelimar is probably the best option.  For others who may be looking for the waves, Rancho Santana will be the best option.  If someone wants a combination of golf, waves, and real estate then the best option will be either Iguana Golf and Beach Resort or Gran Pacifica.  What’s best for you depends on your needs.

Once many of these resorts finish getting built up you will be able to go surfing in the morning, hit some golf balls later and finish up the day with another surf session.  What more can you ask for in a vacation.

Most of the development getting built up is on the southern part of the Nicaraguan coast.  The northern coast is equally beautiful even though it is less built up.  There are some great surf breaks from Puerto Sandino to Aposentillo.  It is only a matter of time before more resorts and hotels start getting popping up further up the coast.

If the whole beach resort thing is not your thing there are many public beaches along the coast.  Along many of the public beaches (and in some of the private resorts) you can do some horseback riding.  Locals will be walking around asking tourists if they want ride a horse for 10 minutes, 30 minutes or longer.  They usually have local restaurants along the shore where you can have a good seafood meal that was caught earlier in the day.  Some of the popular public beaches along the coast include:

Nicaragua Public Beach Towns

1)      San Juan del Sur

2)      Pochomil

3)      Casares

4)      Poneloya

5)      El Transito

Lastly, if the timing ties in with your stay in Nicaragua, strongly consider going to the La Flor during turtle hatchery season.  The turtles will have come to lay and bury there eggs in the sand about 50 days prior to hatching.  Therefore if you hit it right you can show up after dark and find thousands of baby turtles making there way back to the water after hatching.  Make sure to bring some money to get in the beach to see the turtles.  The money goes towards preserving the beach and the turtles that come to lay their eggs. 

You can all check out our articles on the public beaches and private beach resorts in Nicaragua.

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