Best Beaches for Swimming in Nicaragua

The Nicaraguan coastline is filled with beautiful beaches.  These beaches vary anywhere from rocky beaches to wide open sand beaches to beaches with big waves.  A lot of people coming to Nicaragua look for beaches with big waves to surf but there are some looking for beaches that are relatively calm, ideal for swimming.

Swimming Beaches in Nicaragua

Best Swimming Beaches

1) Marsella Beach
2) Corn Island Beaches
3) La Flor Beach

Marsella Beach is one of the closest to San Juan del Sur, just a 20 minute drive from town.  Marsella is a small bay protected by hills on either side of the beach and a submarine shaped island a few hundred yards out in the water.  Only small waves come and break on Marsella making it one of the most ideal beaches for swimming.  Because of its calm waters there are kayak tours that begin in Marsella.

Best Swimming Beaches in NIcaragua

The Caribbean side of Nicaragua is full of beaches that are the most ideal for swimming.  Corn Island feels like you are on a lake because there are no waves crashing along the shore.  The crystal clear blue waters make it a tropical paradise.  It is definitely a great place to relax on an air mattress over these calm waters off of Corn Island.  The beaches are also great for snorkeling and diving.

Best Beaches for Swimming in Nicaragua 

La Flor Beach is about 45 minutes from San Juan del Sur and is also one of the beaches with the calmest waters.  The waves on this beach are usually small and not big enough to make one afraid of swimming in the water.  La Flor is also a turtle reserve for turtles that come in a few times a year to lay their eggs in the sand.  A few months later the eggs hatch and thousands of baby turtles making their way back to the water.  Visitors looking to swim don’t need to worry about the large turtles in the water, turtles only come during certain times of the year.  The rest of the year the beach is great for swimming and doing some exploring.

Best Beaches for Swimming in Nicaragua

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